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UNDAKOVRIST by Undercover “Exchange” Troy Crewneck

UNDAKOVRIST by Undercover “Exchange” Troy Crewneck

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UNDAKOVRIST by Undercover “Exchange” Troy Crewneck

Produced for UNDAKOVRIST, a line spanning the early-mid 2000s from Jun Takahashi’s Undercover, featuring one-off pieces based mainly on previous works.

This particular piece is a reproduction from their A/W 1998 collection titled "Exchange, with the theme of the collection being the garments ability to exchange between different forms, for example from a sweatshirt to a jacket, and vice versa.

Divided panels and pieces of the garments were joined by zippers, allowing for the wearer to coordinate the parts in their own way, making their own creation.

Other garments from the ‘small parts’ series can have their parts swapped and combined with this one to form unique new pieces. This crewneck will be sold with a spare wool cable knit sleeve, so the wearer can immediately play with design options.

Please judge condition from images.


Body Width - 56cm

Shoulder Width - 40cm

Length - 58cm

Sleeve Length - 59cm

Wool Knit Sleeve Length - 64cm

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