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Riding Equipment Research 2006 Striped Rider's Jacket

Riding Equipment Research 2006 Striped Rider's Jacket

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Riding Equipment Research 2006 Striped Rider’s Jacket

Designed by General Research’s Setsumasa Kobayashi, this take on a motorcycle rider’s jacket features a cotton body with large colour-block stripes of black and blue, two outer + two large inner pockets, a wool collar, and rope fastening sides; made for the concrete jungle ramblers.

Growing up in Japan to the son of a shoemaker, Setsumasa Kobayashi followed in his father’s footsteps, making footwear until 1994 when he founded his fashion label ‘General Research’. During that year Kobayashi worked with Jun Takahashi for Undercover’s debut runway show’s shoes. Learning from the runway show’s manufacturing production became “a big and bright guide” when shifting from shoes to clothes.

In 2005 the General Research label came to an end, Kobayashi stating “To be focused on a particular subject, which is to say, not researching in ‘general,’ I terminated the line to start Mountain Research with a particular title: ‘Mountain.’” The following year the permanent collections ‘Mountain Research’ and ‘Naval Research’ began, followed by multiple other research collections: Prisoner Suit Research (2006), Riding Equipment Research (2006), and Newspaper Boy Gear Research (2007).

Size S


Body Length - 67cm

Body Width - 46cm

Shoulder Width - 46cm

Sleeve Length - 64cm


Signs of wear/age such as colour fading and worn label. Please judge condition from the images.

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