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Cyberdog Spiked Bracelet

Cyberdog Spiked Bracelet

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Born out of London’s 90s rave scene, Cyberdog shaped an era of clubwear with its futurist approach, still standing today as a cultural institution. Founded in 1994 by Terry Davy and Spiros Vlahos, Cyberdog began as a stall in a corner of Camden Market, characterised by neon graffiti and banging techno. Often featuring fluorescent colours and electronic components, the clothes attracted youth of all corners and scenes: punks, technogoths, psychobillies and high fashion enthusiasts alike.

This particular bracelet features blue spikes upon a transparent base, giving the appearance of a spiked wrist. Years of raving have left a hangover of neon yellow tints on the base.

Total Length - 23cm

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